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Listing Policy

How do I create a listing?

Submit repeated lessons or one-off workshops that you’d like to teach at joyfolk.co/teach

After you've submitted your listing, we'll typically get back to you asap about whether or not it's a fit for Joyfolk. Worry not, we would always help you through your journey to deliver an awesome learning experience and sustain your business. We will help curating the listings together with you.

Where can I teach?

Typically you can basically teach from anywhere weather its indoors, outdoors, personal, private and public spaces just as long as you have the permissions to do so and it is safe and condusive for learning to take place.

Be sure to take awesome photos of the action, give reasonable information on your lessons, objectives, outcomes, what time to come and information about the location, full address also where to park.

We are also working with various space providers and municipalities if you need help or permissions on using a space for your lessons. Just give us a shout at hello@joyfolk.co

Setting dates and pricing

After you submited your listing to us, once its approved than you can set up your dates, time and pricing per person. You may also add additional dates if you wish it to be repeated. Set the price that is reasonable for your services and your expertise.

When and how will I get paid?

You will receive payment within 5 working days on each of your listing once it have passed. Be sure to update your bank accounts in your profile so we can wire transfer the payment to you. We will take 10% of the total price per person on every transactions.

How do I cancel, replace or delete my listings as a teacher?

For emergency cancelations and replacements:

Due to unforseen circumstances you may cancel, or replace your lessons, you must inform us at least 12 hours before so we can help accommodate you. Let us know your status and dates that you want to replace to, if you cant do a replacement a full refund will be given to your learners. Contact via email or watsapp to hello@joyfolk.co ,+60182400722 / +60182077560

For deleting my listings permanentely:

Please inform us at least 14 days before your listing date so we can process a full refund to any learners that have booked your listings. Contact via email or watsapp to hello@joyfolk.co ,+60182400722 / +60182077560

What happens if my learners cancel or request for a replacement?

Learners can cancel their bookings at least 7 days prior to the date to get a full refund. As for replacements, learners must inform us along with their desired dates at least 24 hours before the lesson.

Communications and futher questions

We will keep you revelent information private such as your phone number, home address and your email, this is the same with learners.
Reminders and notifications will been sent to your email and if needed to your whatsapp. Be sure to update this information as well.
If you have any questions, thoughts and ideas please give us a shout at. hello@joyfolk.co ,+60182400722 / +60182077560

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