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Booking Policy

How do I book?

You can use the Joyfolk website or through web-application on mobile to book. When you open the website through any device, look for the listings section. Then, choose a specific dates and time, or browse through all lessons.

Before you book

Make sure to review the listing and any other requirements and information specified by the lesson provider. These could include age limits, group size, skill level or where to park and what to bring.

Booking additional dates

You can book as many lessons as you want depending on the list of dates that have been set by the lesson provider. Be sure to cross-check schedules and timing to avoid booking lessons that overlap.

Can I replace or cancel a reservation as a learner?

If you need to make a replacement to a confirmed reservation, you can submit a change request to hello@joyfolk.co or watsapp/call at +0182400722 / +61082077560 at least 24 hours before the lesson date.

If you need to cancel a reservation, and get a full refund you submit the request to hello@joyfolk.co or watsapp/call at +0182400722 / +61082077560 at least before 7 days of the lesson date

If the host accepts your request, your reservation will be updated and you’ll be charged or refunded if necessary. If the request is declined or you don’t receive a response, your reservation will stay the same.

What happens if my teacher cancels or request a replacement date?

If your reservation is canceled by your teacher, you will be informed at least in 24 hours before the lesson and we'll automatically give you a full refund. You'll receive an email confirming the full refund.
If the teacher request for a replacement we will inform you at the latest before 24 hours of the lesson and put you up in that slot with a comfirmation email.

You can always email us at hello@joyfolk.co, call or whatsapp us at +0182400722 / +60182077560 if you need further help.
If you have any questions or more information in regards of the lessons, the teacher, feedbacks, ideas or more info on joyfolk, please contact us at hello@joyfolk.co, call or whatsapp us at +0182400722 / +60182077560.
We would love to hear from you!

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