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Our Story

Grow better together.

Joyfolk aims to be world’s learning platform for unique and authentic lessons across lifestyle, creativity, entrepreneurship, technology, languages and academic, taught by inspiring individuals all powered locally.

An economic empowerment engine, Joyfolk aims to help millions of teacher entrepreneurs monetize their skills, passions and intellectual properties while keeping the financial benefits of education in their own communities.

Joyfolk promotes people-to-people connection, community and trust within your neighbourhood, which instills the joy of lifelong learning.

Our Mission

Okay, so we are three ambitious kids trynna make a difference in our learning world.

Because you see, the education system standardises everyone regardless of their God given specialty. And it breaks your heart a little too much too, having experienced disengagement in classes not understanding what your teacher teaches - because to be honest, you just don’t care.

Because you don’t like it and don’t see how it benefits you in the real world. So you find yourself wondering what you can do to improve the learning system. I know, coz I wonder the same.

15 million; according to the most comprehensive study of its kind, showing that this situation belittles someone’s unique value and that God given talents.

Obviously, we don’t want to allow it to happen again. At least, not to our future generation. No. This approach shan’t be passed on, anymore.

So why not you and I, march forward as we revolutionise our learning system together.

Shall we?

Live, two-way meet online and nearby sessions.

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